What's YOUR Peace Promise?

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Recent Peace Promises

  1. maimu promises:

    Be the change you want to see in the world. – Gandhi.

    I promice to see beauty in the ugly side of life and by that make the ugly go away.

  2. Brandy Rings-Way promises:

    I promise to be a more compassionate and understanding person. I promise to be nicer to people and help out whenever I can, even if I don’t necessarily want to do it.

  3. Barbara Calvano promises:

    I promise to be true to myself, live true to myself and honor others their truth.

  4. Blair promises:

    I promise to say only kind things to those I love today.

  5. Ellen promises:

    I promise to always trying to see the good in everyone and never judge someone..

  6. Jen Minkman promises:

    I promise to give love to all the people around me, every day, even if I might personally dislike some people I meet, because real love transforms everyone into a better person.

  7. Michelle promises:

    My Promise to take action, make our government work for what we the people want! To take part in and make a CHANGE!

  8. Leona Mars promises:

    I promise to help someone in need; smile and say hello to everyone I meet.

  9. Tandi promises:

    I promise to put others before myself and make a difference in someone’s life.

  10. Jessica promises:

    I promise to greet every person I met with a smile!

  11. Julian Tree promises:

    I promise to love the friends and family I have already in my life.

  12. sazanne promises:

    I promise to photograph the world. To help people see its true beauty, and help the world be a better place. much love xxx

  13. Fahira Gearahmani promises:

    I Promise to smile often and try to forgive my friends for their mistakes, i promise to try to be a nicer, and a sweeter person

  14. admin promises:


  15. Austyn promises:

    I promise to continue keeping my past in the past, my mind in the present, and my heart in the future.

  16. Desiree promises:

    my friend in the video really did join the world concerns club! =D

  17. victoria mae promises:

    My peace promise is, to be dedicated to UGS, to help the homeless here in Winnipeg and to help those in need everywhere else. I would especially like to help those in the country of which my parents and grandparents came from, the Philippines.

  18. kayla promises:

    i promise to say sorry more often when i do/say things that i shouldn\’t be saying/doing. i promise to help people more often with things. i promise to let people help me with my life and not being stubburn and pushing them away.

  19. Leona Mars promises:

    I promise to greet everyone with a smile. Not judge those who do things differently than I do.

  20. Cindy promises:

    I promise to keep bad words to myself when I just want to name call and talk bad about someone who has offended me. It will be hard to do but I promise to keep them words to myself.

  21. Emmie promises:

    I promise to love myself no matter what my mirror tells me and to let people in.

  22. Jamie promises:

    I promise to not be so “want want want” anymore.And love the people in my life and love the things I have. No need to have things I’ll never use. Ill even try to give away some old things.

  23. Chele promises:

    I promise to stay positive and optimistic. Pessimism and negativity will only bring on war.

  24. Karina promises:

    I promise to be the strong person i know i am, and to be no one but myself. And I promise to not take anything for granted and appreciate everything i have.

  25. Sandra promises:

    I promise to find myself and be myself. I promise to help other people, I promise to follow my dream!

  26. Jemma promises:

    I Promise to concentrate harder on my work and not get distracted during work.

  27. Jessica promises:

    I promise to hope for a better day.

  28. Vesi Penkova promises:

    Обещавам да се науча да не отлагам нещата “за после”. Обещавам да продължа да вярвам, че се случва това, което трябва да се случи и то е най-доброто за моето развитие. Обещавам да започна да подреждам хаоса около себе си и в себе си. И разбира се – обещавам да продължа да следвам мечтите си. И да намирам повече време да общувам с децата си.

  29. Kai Kamai promises:

    I promise to share and illuminate nothing but positive energy. In today’s world, all it takes is a smile to make another persons day. Being positive is so much easier than always holding a grudge and not liking someone! Take the time to surround myself with so much positive energy that I have a lot to share it with others. It is very contagious once its been spread. Live Life, Love Life!

  30. Carina promises:

    I promise to bring my wall down and trust others. Vulnerability is tough, but also beautiful. Its rewards far outweigh any negatives at any moment.