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What's YOUR Peace Promise?

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Recent Peace Promises

  1. Rustii promises:

    I promise to have a spirit of thankfulness every day. To be grateful and positive.

  2. Jen promises:

    I promise to think before I speak, and because I know my speaking creates the world, I promise to speak positively, not negatively.

  3. Pam promises:

    Today, I promise to be the change I want to see; to show kindness, compassion and empathy to those I meet. I promise to put a smile in my voice and in my heart and to be a light to those in need.

  4. Angela promises:

    I promise to foster the sense of wonder I see in my childrens\’ eyes… and to pray it lasts forever.

  5. Camille Theobald promises:

    I need Peace!

  6. Eric Schleien promises:

    I promise to have full acceptance for everyone

  7. Monika promises:

    I promise to get/keep in contact with my friends more often, even if I won’t see them frequently in the next days, weeks or months. I promise to show them that we are still friends and that I do care about them a lot.

  8. Jerelyn promises:

    I promise to fight the indecisive person in me and think of the effect my actions take on the Earth.

  9. Sanita promises:

    A promise for every day… To make at least one person happy!

  10. Libby promises:

    My peace promise is to take control of the tone of my voice when I am upset and remember not to take it our on others.

  11. Louise promises:

    For the rest of the day, I promise to take a deep breath and count to ten when I feel myself getting angry

  12. alice zhang promises:

    I promise to think before I talk, be patient, keep a positive attitude, love the earth and be grateful for what I already have.

  13. Shawna promises:

    I promise to smile first and be thankfulfor every moment even the ones i think i could do without

  14. Carolyn promises:

    I promise to stop making other women pay for the one who chose to look the other way. At this stage trust is too big a step. But I will work on it.

  15. Jennifer G promises:

    My peace promise for today is to put my heart into everything I do.

  16. Kelli promises:

    I promise to be more present in the moment and to make each moment one worth being present for.

  17. Zarah Burke promises:

    I promise that everytime i sit to have a meal or buy something new that i will think of those that don’t have the things i do. :)

  18. Chelsey promises:

    I promise to stop swearing. Swearing is a hostile method of communicating.

  19. MarleyJ promises:

    My peace promise for the day is to remember who I am and what I stand for, even if others do not live their lives to the same standards. I will stand proud of my morals and the Peace and Aloha I represent.

  20. Robyn Lesko promises:

    Peace promise for the day (though it’s late): Take a deep breath.

  21. Chele promises:

    I promise to stay grounded and peaceful in the days to come.

  22. Liz Bir promises:

    I promise to, every day, find something within myself that I can influence in a positive way.

  23. Cate promises:

    I will find something to be grateful for instead of getting angry.

  24. Montana Kennedy promises:

    I promise to spread Peace, Love & Joy everywhere I go Always
    ☮ & ☮ & ☮ & ☮ & ♥

  25. Laurene promises:

    I promise to honor my humanity with grace, acceptance, humor, love and greatness in service to OUR divinity.

  26. Chelsea Forrestal promises:

    I promise to try and be the optimist in all situations. To see the good and beauty in all situations. To be a more compassionate and understanding person. To basically treat people the way I wish to be treated and not to judge a book by it\’s cover.

  27. Nhicxy Meraz promises:

    I promise not to be judgemental of people. I promise to see the beautiful side of them instead of looking at the ugly side. :)